Duties of the Office of Legal Counsellor

Based on Article 4 of the Decree Law No. 659, the duties of the Legal Counsel are as follows:


1- Legal units are in charge of and responsible for carrying out works and transactions related to legal counseling and inquiry services in administrations.

2- Legal units within the scope of legal inquiry services

  1. Represent the administration in judicial and administrative lawsuits, internal and external arbitration proceedings, enforcement proceedings and all other legal disputes referred to the judiciary and follow up the lawsuits and enforcement proceedings as an attorney.
  2. Coordinates, monitors and supervises the litigation and enforcement proceedings and arbitration proceedings to be represented by the Administration through service procurement.

3- Legal units within the scope of legal consultancy

  1. Examines the draft legislation prepared by other public institutions and organizations in relation to the services of the administration, the draft legislation prepared by the administrative units and all kinds of contracts and specifications to be prepared, the works related to the disputes between the administration and third parties and other works to be asked by the administrative units and gives its legal opinion.
  2. Takes legal measures to prevent disputes in a timely manner and gives opinions on the settlement of disputes through settlement.
  3. Prepares the necessary legal proposals in order to better realize the objectives of the Administration and to ensure that it works in accordance with the legislation, plan and program.

4- Legal units carry out the secretariat services of the legal dispute evaluation commission and other duties assigned by the administration.

5- The provisions of the organizational laws of the legal units of the Prime Ministry and the Ministry of Finance are reserved.

6- In administrations where a legal unit is not established according to their organizational laws, the legal services specified in this Decree Law shall be performed by the lawyers employed. One of the lawyers employed in the central units of the administration shall be assigned as the head of the legal unit with the approval of the senior manager.