About the Office of Legal Counsellor


The Office of Legal Counseling was established in accordance with Article 51 of the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and Article 35 of the Decree Law No. 124 on the Administrative Organization of Higher Education Superior Institutions and Higher Education Institutions.

Authority, Duties and Responsibilities

  • To assist the administration in the execution of the Institute’s disposals in accordance with the laws in force,
  • To represent the institution in judicial and administrative authorities in all kinds of lawsuits and execution proceedings to which our institute is a party, and to carry out legal proceedings to protect the rights of the institution,
  • To provide legal opinions on matters requested by the Office of the Rector and other units of our Institute,
  • To provide legal counseling, when necessary, within the scope of disciplinary investigations carried out against the staff and students at the Institute and criminal investigations carried out against the staff of the Institute,
  • To give opinions on the regulations and directives issued by the Institute upon request,